Love Letters

How to write a love letter

A love letter is an intimate method of communicating one’s true feelings. It takes time, thoughtfulness, and effort to pen a love letter. While somewhat intimidating, you are writing your true feelings to the person you love creating a bond more significant than words. The recipient has most likely heard the stories, experienced your passion, but now hold in their hands a keepsake statement of your love that they will hold dear forever.

How do I write a love letter?

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You are about to express your feelings for the person who arguably holds your heart in their hands. The pen is the same as your voice, so choose the words that sound most like you. Be genuine and straightforward. Anything other than that won’t be you.

Before we get to the components of a love letter, think about why you are writing it.

  • Is it a new love and you want to share your feelings?
  • Are you preparing your love for an imminent proposal, and you want to set the stage?
  • Did you do something wrong, and are you looking to smooth things over?
  • Long-distance relationship? Tell them why you miss them? What it is about them that you long for.

No matter why, make sure you keep the reason in the forefront of your writing, so the message is strong and clear.

The components of a simple love letter

It is very simple. Cut to the chase from the opening line and tell him/her why you are sending this letter. Expose your heart and soul and capture their attention. Gents, if you are writing to a woman, you have already captured her heart. Telling her that you love her, kissing her goodnight, or sending flowers does not even rank against a well thought out and intimate written expression of your feelings.

When I write a love letter for someone, I ask them questions about the recipient to personalize the letter for only them.

  1. What is your relationship? Are you dating, engaged, or married? Perhaps this letter is not a love letter but an introduction letter to someone you are interested in and looking to ask on a date?
  2. What do you love or like about them? Be specific and not trendy or cliché. Remember, this a forum most likely more comfortable for you to express your thoughts than in person.
  3. Tell me about a romantic memory you have that changed your life. Set the scene and reminisce about a party where you met, how you felt before the first date, or the first time you kissed.
  4. How has this person changed your life? Tell them straight out and be authentic and what life would be like without them.
  5. What does your future hold? Share your thoughts about the future. Maybe it is just another date or the hint of a lifetime together.

Is it better to handwrite or type a love letter?

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I don’t think there is a right answer to this, but personally, handwritten letters imply that time and effort was taken to capture your love on paper. If your handwriting is not the most legible, typing it and printing on a fine paper is more than acceptable- especially when you add your signature and a little something-something at the footer.

Romance is not dead

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Valentine’s Day is two weeks away. The art of a love letter is not dead, and you might create a channel for the romance between you to be saved and shared for generations to come. Be daring and brave this Valentine’s Day and deliver a love letter for the ages. Chocolates, wine, and flowers are all sure to please, so do not listen to the voice in your head that says, ‘no one writes love letters.’  Well, maybe that is true, but you can be a trendsetter!

Need a little help writing to your true love?

Be brave and reckless. Open your heart and expose that underbelly. I can help you organize your thoughts, and together we will create a memory and keepsake for the object of your affection. Let’s connect.


Wedding Vows Weddings

Should I hire a wedding vow writing service?

Let’s put it this way; if you are reading this, you have probably already decided you may need some help writing your wedding vows. That’s a good start. Your wedding day is arguably one of the best days of your life. It is the time when you stand before family and friends as you hold your true love’s hand and tell them why you want to marry them. As a couple, you have decided to make this day unique and personal, reflecting your love for each other in a romantic and intimate style.

No pressure. (Ok, maybe a little pressure.)

Deciding to hire a wedding vow writer.

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Handwritten wedding vows.

In 90% of couples, the decision to hire a wedding vow writer comes after selecting the wedding venue, photographer, music, cake, and honeymoon. Once the couple decides how and where they will be married, the topic of wedding vows comes to light. So does fear, anxiety, and an overwhelming desire to elope.

Hiring a wedding vow writer is commonplace today. Custom vows written to reflect your love for each other will be remembered for the rest of your marriage. Using a wedding vow writer eliminates the stress of crafting your own vows. Once the wedding vows are written, we can work together to practice the delivery, so on that day, there will be no stress and no surprises—just a romantic and beautiful statement of love.

How do wedding vow writers make the vows personal?

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As a wedding vow writer, it is my pleasure to spend time with each of you and learn about you to get a genuine feeling of you as a couple. Every couple is different and so are their wedding vows. We chat about you, how you met, when you fell in love, and the moment you experienced that ‘utz’ in your stomach that told you they were the one.

I have been married for 32 years, and I vividly remember my wedding day. The laser focus I had on his face and the look in his eyes when he said I do. Back then, very few couples wrote their own vows, so we opted for the traditional, speak now or forever hold your peace. My goal is to make your wedding vows personal and meaningful to you.

What does a wedding vow writer charge?

The fees for writing wedding vows range from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars should you require the best man and maid of honor speeches also to be written. Once we have our initial meeting, the process and fees will be established, and we can begin!

No one needs to know you hired a wedding vow writer.


Wedding planners assist couples with selecting every aspect of the wedding and reception, from silverware and linens to flowers. Yet, few couples would share the fact that they hired a wedding vow writer. There is a stigma that asking for help with this essential part of the ceremony can be perceived as a handoff for someone else to do. In reality, it is a brilliant decision to engage a professional writer to capture your persona, your emotions, and your relationship into the vows. Wedding vow writers are coaches, in a sense. If done right, your guests will never know that someone other than the two of you could write anything so personal and intimate.

Let’s connect for a call or virtual meeting to chat about your wedding day and all that you want it to be. Together, we will capture your love and thoughts and create your wedding vows in your words.