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A Simple Guide to the Father of the Bride Speech

Your daughter is getting married. So many emotions are running through your mind…and heart. The Father of the Bride speech is beginning to loom over your head, and your anxiety level is mounting. Don’t let that happen. Here is a simple guide to the Father of the Bride speech that is sure to be a stress reliever.

What is the father of the bride speech?

The father of the bride speech traditionally occurs at the opening or conclusion of the toasts performed during the wedding reception. It is a personal preference and is determined by the bride, groom, and dad. Many dads prefer to kick off the toasts by going first (and getting it over with).

As the father of the bride, you sit in a unique chair. You have watched your daughter grow into the woman standing before you. You also have been a witness to her commitment and love for her soon-to-be husband.

How long is the father of the bride speech?

Hey Dads! I want to set your mind at ease. Stick to an outline or hire a Father of the Bride speechwriter to ensure succinct and focused content for the speech. Some speechwriters will rehearse the speech with you, and depending on your comfort level of public speaking, it may be well worth the investment! The father of the bride speech should be between four and six minutes- no more.

How do you write a father of the bride speech?

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My daughter’s basketball coach used to ask the team, “How do you eat an elephant?” They will all reply in unison, “One bite at a time!” The same holds for the father of the bride speech, so let’s break it down into small bites.

Introduce yourself as the father of the bride.

Feel free to thank everyone for sharing their special day. Be sure to thank anyone who planned the wedding, including your wife, bridesmaids, and professional planners. Some couples ask that a mention be made to family members who cannot attend or have passed away and have had a significant effect on the couple. You may wish to hint that the maid of honor and the best man will also be speaking after you.

Share your thoughts on the wedding day so far.

A brief mention will be about the ceremony and perhaps, literally, a few seconds on a particular segment such as the united candle lighting or a song sung by a relative.

Comment on your relationship with the bride.

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Ok dads, you have to hold it together here. This is an emotional moment in time. I have been married 32 years, so this was not a thing in my day, but my military dad was very emotional.

Select a moment or event that stands out for both of you. Then, show your daughter and the groom how much the experience meant to you.

Share your thoughts about the groom.

Speak directly to the groom. Show him you were paying attention as their relationship bloomed, and you are happy he is now a part of the family.

Welcome them as a couple. Perhaps share a little advice?

At this point, you need to be mindful of the time. The temptation to share a lifetime of stories is excellent but select one, maybe two, about their relationship that made the most impact- on all of you.

Raise a glass and toast!

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Share your feelings from the heart. That is all you have to do.

How much does it cost to hire a speechwriter?

The cost associated with hiring wedding speechwriters vary depending on a few fundamental factors:

  • Length of the speech. Some writers have a minimum, and if you require more than the minimum, the price can increase slightly. Get a detailed quote.
  • Research time. In many cases, the writer will meet with the father to gather information and facts for the blog speech. Inexpensive options include services that require a questionnaire to be completed and the speech delivered without meeting or speaking at all.
  • Location of the business and the client. New York City and some metropolitan areas will most likely be 20-25% higher than hiring a speechwriter in Niskayuna or Canandaigua, New York.
  • What’s in the package? There is more to this than words on paper. A good father of the bride speech is created from conversations, meetings, zooms, and a review at the end with possibly a rehearsal. That is what makes the speech your own. 

Why should you hire a father of the bride speechwriter?

At first glance, writing the father of the bride speech doesn’t seem too difficult. You probably think you can Google it or watch it on YouTube. Perhaps, but her special day requires your time and commitment to making it perfect.

I compose the Father of the Bride speech with you, not for you. So give us a try and schedule a free consultation to collaborate on the ideal father of the bride speech. (We work together and practice the delivery too!)

Please note- No matter how you proceed with the father of the bride speech, please do not wing it, and do not drink before you deliver this forever moment speech.

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A Guide to Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Many couples reach a point in their marriage when they look to reaffirm and recommit their life and love to each other. Renewing your wedding vows is simple and easy and can be planned with a bit of professional help and guidance.

What is a wedding vow renewal?

A wedding vow renewal ceremony is a celebratory ceremony for a married couple to reaffirm their love and commitment to each other. Renewing your vows can be performed simply as an afternoon event in a backyard garden or as an extravagant evening affair of dinner and dancing.

  • You can still have a pastor, priest, or rabbi officiate the ceremony.
  • Children can participate in the ceremony and share stories about the family and their view of your marriage.
  • Gather your original wedding party to ‘stand up’ once again and attest to your love and commitment to each other.
  • Make it a theme party and celebrate commonality you both enjoy!

What do you say when you renew your wedding vows?

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When asked this question, I tell the couple that the page is blank, and we can write the vows together. Some couples revert to the vows they spoke on their wedding day. The tradition of repeating those vows is important to them. Other couples create personal vows to reflect both the joy and challenges of their marriage and where they are today.

Top three reasons couples renew their vows.

Every couple is unique and different, and their reasons for renewing their vows reflect that individuality. Even within the couple, one may be more deep and romantic and the other lighthearted and funny. Each has its unique spirit that drives the motivation for the renewal ceremony.

  • Celebrating a milestone. Many couples renew their vows on a milestone anniversary such as 5,10, 20, 25, 30, 40, or 50th. The anniversary renewal ceremony combines the original joy of the wedding day with a revitalized celebration of deep-found love and commitment.
  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges. Marriage is not for the faint of heart, and situations can arise that test the very core of the marital bond. Infidelity, loss of a child, illness, or perhaps terminal illness can be reasons for renewing the vows. Sadly, many times vows are renewed during Hospice to celebrate a life joined as one and hope to continue their marriage for all eternity.
  • Your original wedding was a civil ceremony. Couples married by the Justice of the Peace or an officiant look back and wish they had a formal ceremony. Renewing their vows allows the couple to recommit to their marriage in their own words. The ceremony can be done in a religious venue or at a favorite spot they have enjoyed, such as a lake, mountain, or even a ski resort!

Are wedding vows always renewed on the anniversary date?

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No, not necessarily, depending on the purpose of the renewal. If the marriage has been through challenges, the rebirth of the marriage may deserve a new date, a date to celebrate a stronger, more profound vow to each other.

Does a vow renewal require a license?

A vow renewal is not a legal ceremony, and you are not legally getting married again. This makes the ceremony a celebration of joy without any formality. Also note, you do not need an officiant who can perform a legal marriage. Anyone can officiate the vow renewal ceremony.

Planning your wedding vow renewal

Unlike a wedding, the renewal ceremony does not require all the pomp and circumstance. Most couples choose a smaller and intimate ceremony with family and friends.

  • Start with a discussion about the ceremony and celebration.
  • Create a budget and stick to it.
  • What will you wear? That depends on the venue and type of ceremony. Be prepared and discuss it in advance, nonetheless.
  • Light fare or sit-down dinner?
  • Gifts for each other? Here is a small piece of advice- talk about this in advance. You don’t want to have someone’s feelings hurt!

But most importantly are the vows. Professional wedding vow writers are skilled at uncovering the inner feelings you have for each other and composing them in a manner that can be communicated and delivered comfortably and genuinely.

Writing your wedding renewal vows.

wedding vow renweal writing in Schenectady ny

Keep it simple and from the heart. Many couples write their vows and search for some inspiration and guidance. Schedule a free consultation with me. Let’s work together to write your vows and capture why you said I do so many years ago.

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10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant

Choosing the right wedding officiant is essential and knowing what to ask them is crucial to discover if you are a match. The officiant sets the tone and reflects the emotions and feelings between you and your spouse. It is imperative that you all ‘click’ to enjoy the experience of creating the vows and reciting them on your wedding day.

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What should I talk to my wedding officiant about?

Be open and honest with the officiant. Share your history as a couple and all the aspects of a wedding ceremony vital to you. The officiant is there to guide you, represent you, and marry you, not judge you. Be true to yourself and each other and ensure the officiant understands and can best deliver the ceremony you have envisioned.

10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant

Wedding officiant in Saratoga county NY

Ok, so you have narrowed it down to one of two officiants. Here is a sampling of questions to ask the officiant before you hire them.

Are you available on our wedding date?

This may sound like a silly question to start with, but you’d be surprised how many couples ask that question late in the process. If they are not available, ask for a recommendation.

How many weddings have you done?

Ask the question and keep an open mind. Everyone has a first time, and no couple wants to be their first. However, take into consideration the feeling you get from the officiant. Did you connect? Did you like them? Most importantly, did you trust them to work with you to create a uniquely personal ceremony?

How do you create the ceremony?

Most officiants will have both options available. Many couples find the traditional vows very comforting and stress-free. Other couples wish to create vows that reflect their love and relationship. Be sure to discuss this upfront, so you have time to decide or write your vows.

Can we write our vows, and will you help us?

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Many officiants do not write wedding vows. They perform the ceremony using traditional vows or vows written by the couple and given to the officiant in advance. Wedding planners and bridal consultants often handle the wedding details, and even the caterer ensures everything is perfect but defer to professionals to write the vows and speeches. I will absolutely help you write and practice your vows. I work one-on-one with every couple on the content and delivery of their wedding vows. The delivery is just as important as the words themselves.

Will you officiate in conjunction with a religious figure?

When a couple has mixed religions or half with no religious affiliate, an officiant is often asked to perform the ceremony in conjunction with a Rabbi, Priest, or Minister. Be sure to ask the officiant if they will perform the ceremony under these circumstances. Most do not have any issue with it at all.

How long will the ceremony be?

The average length of a ceremony is only about 30-45 minutes in length. Non-religious ceremonies are often quicker, and hybrid ceremonies with a religious reading or passage can be slightly longer. Discuss your desired ceremony length, and the officiant will work with you to deliver within the desired time frame.

Are you available for a rehearsal before the wedding?

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Most officiants will perform the rehearsal but may differ to the venue staff or wedding planner to rehearse. Be sure to communicate in advance that you would like them there for the rehearsal, so they do not book another wedding the day or evening before.

Do you prepare and file our marriage license?

Each state has its own laws, and some even vary from county to county. Be sure to discuss the process with the officiant, so there are no wedding day surprises. A couple who intends to be married in New York State must apply in person for a marriage license to any town or city clerk in the state. Both applicants must sign the application for a license in the presence of the town or city clerk. A representative cannot apply for the license on behalf of the applicant. This applies even if the representative has Power of Attorney.

What happens in case of an emergency?

If an illness or unforeseen circumstance occurs, ask the officiant if they have a backup to fill in for the ceremony. Be sure to get the contact information in advance, just in case.

What do you charge?

Officiant fees vary depending on the time commitment required. Pre-marital meetings and discussions, travel time, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner commitments add up and are billed accordingly. Ask your officiant for a detailed list of services and pricing. Do not be afraid to question or negotiate. Most will offer packages to cover the entire process.

Know what you are looking for in an officiant

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You are armed with questions and are prepared to interview officiants. Take your time and balance out those who give the correct answers to those who connect to you as a couple. The ceremony is much more than words. It conveys a feeling of love, honor, and trust between you and the officiant is the catalyst. Meet with them, interview them, and then, as my Dad would say, “What does your gut tell you?”

I am here for a gut-check anytime and would love to talk with you about becoming a part of your wedding ceremony. Schedule a free consultation, and let’s talk!