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Renewing Wedding Vows

Celebrate your marriage by saying I do again after all these years.

Renewing your Wedding Vows

Renew your commitment to each other with vows created from your heart.

Why hire a wedding vow writer to renew your vows?

You have spent years together and decided to renew your wedding vows. Capturing the highlights of your life together can be daunting. Our experience is there as we meet and create vows that speak from your heart and remind your spouse how important they have been to you and will be forever.

Is it a difficult process to work with a wedding vow writer to renew your vows?

The process is straightforward. We will meet using virtual technology and spend some time getting to know you and hearing your love story. No questionnaires, no cookie-cutter templates. Then I write what I hear from your hearts. You will receive a copy to edit and comment on, and soon, the vows will come together.

Will anyone know I hired a wedding vow writer to renew my vows?

No, and no one needs to know. Famous people, big business CEOs, and television personalities engage with writers. Enjoy your wedding day with less anxiety and fear. Together we will capture your thoughts and feelings, and no one will be the wiser.

Can you help me practice my renewal vows?

Absolutely! We will help you practice your vows. I work one-on-one with every bride and groom on both the content and delivery of their wedding vows. The delivery is just as important as the words themselves. Relax, you’ve got this.

Renewing your wedding vows reinforces your commitment to I do.

You have had years together and numerous stories to tell. You may have recited traditional vows the first time; why not express your renewed commitment in your own words? The fundamental objective of this ceremony is a renewal, and your vows take center stage. Let’s work together to write your vows and capture why you said I do so many years ago.

What’s included in the Renewal Wedding Vow Writing Service?

  • Up to one-hour consultation (Phone or Zoom) for each party, individually or together.
  • Vows delivered in a Word document for review and include three(3) rounds of revisions.
  • Wedding vows are written with up to 700 words and estimated at 4-6 minutes of speaking time for each party
  • I write custom vows based on our time together. Just like each couple, no two vows are ever the same.
  • Need help reciting your wedding vows? No problem. We can take a trial run!
  • Pricing is quoted in advance.

Why renew your vows? Perhaps it is a celebration of a milestone year together, or you have weathered the storm, and your bond is stronger than ever. Celebrate your commitment by renewing your vows.